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Most marvelous beer!

The first brewery in Swanage for over 100 years!

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Most marvelous beer crafted with the finest Ingredients

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Traditional bitters, IPA, Porters, Golden Ales and more . All hand brewed in the Purbecks, from the finest natural ingredients.

Hattie Browns in BottlesNow available in Bottles!

Moonlight 4.0%
Kirrin Island 4.5%
Crow Black 5.1%

Welcome to Hattie Brown’s Brewery

Nestled deep in the rolling Purbeck hills as they fall into Swanage bay , lies Hattie Brown’ s Brewery, which was formed in 2015 and housed in a 200 year old brick building,Home of the most marvelous beers from the first brewery located in Swanage, Dorset in over 100 years.

Craft ale from swanage dorset


Fresh brews available now from Hattie Brown’s Brewery.

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07497 706902
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07954 856 984.


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